Make Black Garlic Slow Cooker

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The magical effects of black garlic

1. Antioxidant, anti-aging

Oxidation is the biggest threat of aging, luckily, black garlic has a strong antioxidant, anti-acidification effect, that is a good anti-aging food.

Tip: The active antioxidant polyphenols of black garlic than raw garlic increased by 39 times.

black garlic
black garlic

 2. Regulate blood sugar

Black garlic can affect the synthesis of glycogen in the liver, reduce blood sugar levels and increase plasma insulin levels. The allicin can make the normal blood sugar level drop, the black garlic also contains S-methyl cysteine sulfoxide and S-propyl cysteine sulfoxide, this containing sulfide can inhibit g-6-p enzyme NADPH, prevent insulin destruction, have the hypoglycemic effect. This is also the effect of allyl 1disulfide sulfide in black garlic.

The alkaloid contained in the black garlic also has the function of reducing blood sugar, increasing insulin, and more importantly, it has no effect on the normal blood sugar value.

3. Enhance the immune function

The results showed that the lipid-soluble volatile oil in the black garlic could significantly improve phagocytosis of macrophages and enhance the immune system.

4. Other effects and functions of black garlic In traditional Chinese medicine.

The black garlic has the function of tonifying the kidney and regulating the liver. and scientific analysis proved that: black garlic not only can enhance human immunity but also for high blood sugar, high blood lipids, hypertension, insomnia, constipation and other people have the role of health care.

The method of making black garlic

  1. Raw material Selection: high-quality single clove fresh garlic or mutil clove raw garlic.

Tips: Try to choose the same size evenly (full, complete, fresh, no worm, no mildew, no germination of fresh raw garlic).

How to make black garlic
How to make black garlic

2. Put a tray full of garlic into the black garlic machine and close the door. Tips: Evenly placed garlic to prevent uneven fermentation

50 kg black garlic machine

3. A key to start the black garlic fermentation, patiently waiting for 60-90 days after the healthy and delicious black garlic is done! Here the black garlic fermenter processing.




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