black garlic fermentation process

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Black garlic fermentation machine with the function of automatic constant temperature and humidity, improve the flavor and quality of black garlic, and effectively shorten the processing time. The whole black garlic fermentation process with enzyme-catalyzed reaction, and continuous enzymatic fermentation in sealed machine.

What is black garlic fermentation process? 5 steps

1. Raw fresh garlic selection.

Choosing the complete one, and 204 pesticide residues were detected. Store up the fresh garlic with above 5 degrees Celsius, do not under such temperature conditions to store up, otherwise, raw garlic is easy to lose water, wilting, at the same time the growth of micro-organisms faster easy to shorten the storage life.

If you cannot ferment as soon as possible, please put the qualified garlic to temperature 0~-1 Celsius and humidity 70%~80%, When the raw garlic is cleaned, it should be rinsed according to the sanitary standard of the country. The washing time is about 1 minutes, let it be dry after washing.


2. Black garlic fermentation machine set the data.

First stage:
Fermentation time (hour): 30~50h

temperature: 85℃~95℃

humidity: 85%

Second stage:

Fermentation time (hour): 60~110h

temperature: 65℃~75℃

humidity: 85%

The third stage:

Fermentation time (hour): 60~110h

temperature: 55℃~65℃

humidity: 85%
(Remark: The first step of picking up garlic into the fermentation box is the most important step in the process of garlic fermentation. Garlic varieties, allicin, the size to be strictly in accordance with the corresponding temperature and humidity.)

3: Medium Temperature fermentation

The temperature is 50~60℃, the humidity is 85% to carry on the medium temperature ferment 20 days, at this time garlic already basically ferment completes.

4: Cooked into the normal temperature

Temperature of 30 ℃, humidity of 50% for the last fermentation of 60 days, at this time the quality of black garlic has reached international standards.

5 Finished product packing

Black garlic fermentation after 90 days of fermentation, will breed into many fungi, not suitable for storage, we have to the finished product sterilization.

Black garlic fermentation machine Technical parameters:

garlic cloves black garlic
garlic cloves black garlic

1. Performance

1.1. Test environmental conditions:

The ambient temperature is +5~+28℃, relative humidity ≤85%, and no sample condition in the test chamber

1.2. Temperature range:


1.3. Control accuracy:

Temperature: ±0.2℃ Humidity: ±2.5%

(refers to the controller set value and the controller measured value difference)

1.4. Temperature fluctuation Degree:

≤0.5℃ (temperature fluctuation is half of the difference between the maximum temperature and the lowest temperature of the central point of fermentation)

1.5. Temperature error:

≤±1℃ (studio temperature controller shows the average temperature of the value minus the average temperature measured by the center point)

1.6. Uniformity of temperature:

≤2.0℃ (The average temperature uniformity is the difference between the maximum temperature and the lowest temperature measured in each fermentation)

1.7. Humidity Range:


1.8. Relative Humidity Error:


2. Structural characteristics

2.1. Control Panel:

controller display, U disk interface, RS232 computer communication interface, Misoperation hardware lock, power switch, emergency stop switch, status indicator and sound and light alarm device

3. Cooling system

3.1. Compressor:

Fully enclosed low-noise rotor compressors

3.2. Evaporator:

Outer fin inner threaded tubular heat exchanger (dual-desiccant)

3.3. Condenser:

Air-cooled: outer fin inner threaded tubular heat exchanger (water-cooled type: Shell-and-tube heat exchanger)

4. Electrical control system

4.1. Controller model:

Korea Sanyuan TEMI880


temi880:5.7 inch, 640×480 dot matrix, TFT color LCD display

Operation mode:

Program mode, fixed value mode

Set Range:

Temperature: According to the temperature of the equipment to adjust the operating range

Resolution: Temperature: 0.1 ℃; time: 1min;

Humidity: 0.1%RH

Communication function:

U disk interface, RS-232 interface, the wrong operation of hardware locks lock, random gift computer communication software

Software usage Environment:

(provided by the user)

IBM PC compatible machine, Pⅱ above cpu,128m memory, with RS-232 communication interface

5. Other configuration

5.1. Power Cable:

ac220v power supply: Three cores (single-phase two lines + protection ground) Cable 1 (about 4 meters long)

AC380V power supply: Five core (three-phase four Wire + protection ground) Cable 1 (about 4 meters long)

5.2. Total POWER switch:

NFB Circuit Breaker

6. Conditions of Use

The following conditions are guaranteed by the user

6.1. Tap water:

(Only the hot and humid equipment with pure water machine)

Flow ≥200kg/h, Pressure 0.1mpa~0.25mpa

Tap water complies with GB 5749-1985 sanitary standard for drinking water

Note: The pure water machine prepares the DN15 internal thread joint In the process of fermentation, opening the door of the test chamber will cause the temperature and humidity fluctuation in the box, and if the door is opened repeatedly or the moisture of the test sample is open for a long time during fermentation, it may cause the refrigeration system heat exchanger to freeze and not work properly.

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