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Mult Bulbs Black Garlic From China
Creekbay Black Garlic Fermenter China



Creekbay Brand Black Garlic Machine Since In 2008


As a Research and Development Founder Of  Black Garlic Machine, in 2014, Creekbay Held the First Association: Black Garlic Union Association, We Expect To Cooperate With Friends From All Over The World Helping Our Clients Into Black Garlic World. Welcome All Friends Visiting Our Site, Here We Provide Large Black Garlic Fermenter And Small Fermenter, With Many Years Experience and Good Reputation In Black Garlic Industry, By 2017, Creekbay Has Helped Nearly Hundred China Companies Successfully Completed The Black Garlic Fermenter Project And Has Been Recognized In The Black Garlic Industry, Creekbay Machine Also Exported To USA, Franch, Spain, Australia, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, India.

Black Garlic Fermenter Machine Size 

Fermenter used in factory

Fermented Black Garlic From Creekbay China Black Garlic Machine For FarmCreekbay Design And Develop Different Machine Sizes For Customer Needs, Offering 1000kgs - 3000kgs Black Garlic Fermenter That Such Large Capacity Is Generally Used In Factory.

1: 1000kgs Machine Size: 4000 x 1700 x 1900

   Power: 6KW, Electricitny: 380V/220/110,

2: 2000kgs Machine Size: 4500 x 3200 x 2600

   Power: 6KW, Electricitny: 380V/220/110,

3: 3000kgs Machine Size: 11000 x 2000 x 2600

   Power: 32KW, Electricity: 380V,

The Above Size Details Just Our Regular Production Specifications, If You Expect A Large Throughput, Please Communicate With Us, We Will Customize For You. 


Small And Medium Sized Machine, 100kgs to 500kgs:

1: 100kgs Size: 1500 x 1700 x 1900    

   Power: 8KW, Electricitny: 380V/220/110

2: 200kgs Size: 1800 x 1700 x 1900

   Power: 6KW, Electricitny: 380V/220/110,

3: 500kgs Size: 3000 x 2400 x 2600

   Power: 18KW, Electricity: 380V/220/110,



Machine Material: Food Grade Black Garlic Fermenter Stainless Steel, Inside 316 Stainless Steel, Outside Sus304.

What Should You Prepare Before Buying Fermenter?

There Should Be a Place To Ready Put Machine, The Place Inside The Circuit And Waterway Should Be Installed, If Possible, Prepare Fresh Garlic Before Arrival.